When Is Best Time to Come to Malaysia?

Different country will have different weather and even season at the same time. It makes people who want to visit every new place to know first about the right time to visit that country. You also have to think about the weather factor if you want to come to another country, for example, Malaysia. Malaysia is included as the tropical country like view of Kinabalu, which has a warm atmosphere. Yet, you have to know the best time to visit this place and to avoid some uncomforting season there.

Considering the Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Actually, deciding the best time to visit a certain country will not be enough only by considering the climate zone. Even though certain countries are tropical or sub-tropical countries, they still have different factors that can affect the climate changing and even other natural condition. It does happen with Malaysia, even though it is tropical country, it has a different condition with Indonesia.

Your plan to visit this country will also probably affect the choice of the best time to visit. So, you better to learn more about the right time to go to this country and enjoy the whole country by considering the climates and season. The following points might help you to make your decision to go on your vacation in Malaysia.

  • Best Time for Sightseeing in Malaysia

If you want to go to Malaysia for sightseeing, the right period of this activity is around November until March. At this period, Malaysia will experience less rain season, so your vacation will not be distracted by the rain. If you visit Kuala Lumpur, you can enjoy some tourism destinations like Batu Caves and Petronas Tower in the bright season.


  • Best Time for Diving and Snorkelling in Malaysia

If your decision to visit Malaysia is to have experience in diving and snorkeling in this country, you better to come around April to September. You will find many spots for snorkeling and diving in the eastern peninsula. From April to September, you do not need to experience the Monsoon season that will affect the water condition on the coast.


  • Best Time for Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia also has many beautiful beaches to visit. To get the pleasure of the beaches there, you have to come at the right time and enjoy the bright warm sunshine there. It is almost good to visit the beaches anytime in a year. You still can enjoy the beaches without too much climate consideration. However, if you come in the rain season, you have to expect the rain as well.


  • Best Time for Honeymoon

Malaysia can be the right choice of honeymoon place for newlyweds. You might also consider Malaysia as the place where you want to visit as the place for a honeymoon. If you want to spend your honeymoon in this country, you better to choose the resort near the coast, so that the atmosphere will be good for you and your couple.


It would be better too, to choose the east coast and come to your honeymoon around March until May. September will also be the good moon for you to spend your honeymoon in Malaysia. The weather, price and ideal place will be very supportive to give you memorable honeymoon ever.

The previous explanation is explaining about the best time to visit Malaysia according to the activities that you want to do there.  Then, when is the best time to visit this country based on the price and also the common friendly weather?

Time to Come To Malaysia with Good Weather

If you do not have certain activities that you want to do in Malaysia and only want to visit this country on your tip, it would be better to consider the weather in common. Malaysia will be on its best weather from November to March. Especially, if you want to visit several common destinations in Malaysia, this period will be the best choice, since this is the time when the rain does not come too often, so you will be more comfortable to do sightseeing.

Time to Visit Malaysia with Cheapest Budget

Actually, when the holiday comes, the price for vacations and tourism destinations’ tickets are usually increasing. It does happen in Malaysia; the price is increasing around the holiday. However, if you want to visit Malaysia but spend the least budget, you can prefer to come to this country in the second half of February to May. It is the period when the children there are back to school, which means it is not the holiday time. So, the tickets pricing will be quiet cheap.

That information about the best moment and time to visit Malaysia hopefully can inspire you to get the right time of vacation. As this tropical country is nice to visit, make sure to choose the right time in order to get maximum pleasure of Malaysia. Then, when will you come to this country?