Get to See Gorgeous Views of Kinabalu!

Mount Kinabalu perhaps becomes your next schedule of the holiday. Actually, Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in South East Asia. This mountain offers you very great and gorgeous looks that make it worth to be your destination for the next holiday schedule. To know deeper about this mountain and learn wisely about the right spots to enjoy the view of Mount Kinabalu, please kindly read the following information about this mountain.

Best Spots to Get the Gorgeous Panorama of Kinabalu

Even though this mountain is not the highest mountain in South East Asia, this one that is located in the part of Borneo has the great views. The temperature of this mountain is also quite friendly for people to visit this mountain. You can come to this mountain to climb it and even only for sightseeing. You can enjoy the greenery there and feel how fresh the atmosphere around the mountain.

Here is the list of several spots that you can visit to get the best view of Mountain Kinabalu!

  • Nabalu Village

Nabalu village is the precise location of this mountain. This is actually the location where most buses stop and drop the tourists who want to get the view of Kinabalu. From this village, you already can enjoy the view and take some photos of the mountain. You even can feel the fresh atmosphere of Kinabalu from this point.


  • Kinabalu National Park

There, you also can visit the national park around this mountain and get the right photo spot for the gorgeous captured photos. You should try to take a photo from suspension bridge which is a location just after the Shell station.


  • Kota Kinabalu

This might best one of the best places to get the dramatic view of Mount Kinabalu. Even though the mountain can be seen from almost every corner of this city, it would be very gorgeous if you try to get the view of this mountain from Tuanku Abdul Rahman Park, especially when you are on the boat. You can take the pictures of the mountain there and it will turn out beautifully.


  • Kota Belud

If you want to capture the pictures of the mountain from the affair, this place becomes one of the most recommended spots. From this spot, you can capture the greenery combination of the mountain and the paddy field surround it. It will turn out to be very natural and fresh photos of Kinabalu Mountain.


  • Kundasang

This is the right place if you want to get the view of the whole range of the mountain. Actually, it is only located 6km away from the headquarters of the mountain, precisely from the Park Headquarters. You better to start to reach this place in the very early morning to get the best view from Kundasang. You also can prefer to choose to spend your night in the resort there for more great views.

Considering Schedule for Your Holiday to Visit Kinabalu

As many places can be the best spots to get the best view of this mountain, you might be very interested to visit this mountain as well. If you have your plan to visit this place, it would be better to consider the best time for visitation. Do not forget to consider about the weather of the period when you want to come to this mountain. For you who do not want to be stopped by the rain, do not forget to check the forecast and make it match with your visitation schedule.

Even though the mountain will give you the fresh atmosphere, it would be better to avoid the hot weather too, since Kinabalu still becomes the part of the tropical area which usually hot enough when there is no rain. You better to visit in early February to May, when the rain does not come too often and the weather is not that hot. Hope you can get the right time to visit and enjoy Kinabalu Mountain!