Best Malaysia Street Foods to Taste

Traveling is not complete without enjoying many culinary there. Of course, enjoying the different taste of foods from a different country where you do visitation will be a very good experience. It does happen when you enjoy your traveling to Malaysia thats why lets go check your flight schedule and book it. You have to make your time, to at least, enjoy several foods in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, do not forget to try several street foods which full of taste.

Best Street Food in Malaysia

Malaysia is actually becoming one of several countries that is full of diversity. The diversity of this country makes Malaysia also has diversity in culture and many aspects of it, include culinary. Yes, you will realize that culinary in Malaysia sometimes has several similarities with the culinary from other countries. It can figure out from several street foods in Malaysia that cannot be missed. Try some menus of Malaysia street foods below!

  • Nasi Lemak

This is one of the most iconic Malaysia street foods! This special rice is different from the rice in the ordinary cooking method. The rice is cooked with coconut milk, which makes the taste and also fragrant of this rice is different than the ordinary rice. Besides that, the way to serve this rice becomes the other unique style of Nasi Lemak.


Nasi Lemak is served with sweet-spicy sambal, roasted peanut, boiled eggs and do not forget the anchovy. You can find this food in many restaurants in Malaysia. You even can find Nasi Lemak as the menu of stalls on the roadside there.


  • Fried Bee Hoon

This meal is suitable for breakfast. Many locals are enjoying this meal as their daily food. On your plate, you will find bee hoon (or similar with noodles) which is already fried deliciously with many seasoning. It is also usually mixed or topped with some vegetables or garnish to make the looks tastier, so does the taste itself.


  • Rojak

Rojak actually does not only exist in Malaysia. It does exist in some other South East Asian countries, with few differences of the mixture. In Malaysia, it is usually a food which is the combination of some fruits. Then, the sliced fruits are poured with something like special sambal, which will become the source of the taste.

Where To Enjoy Malaysian Street Foods

You might have your question about the best place to enjoy those delicious Malay street foods. Actually, you can find those dishes easily in almost all traditional restaurants in Malaysia. Especially when you visit Kuala Lumpur, finding the restaurants or food stalls that offer you many delicious Malaysia street foods is very easy. You can actually choose a random restaurant on the roadside and go inside it, then you will find many delicious menus of meals there.

After you know several menus which become the best part of street foods in Malaysia and know the best place to enjoy Malay foods, it would be good to try those foods when you visit there. Then, you will have additional pleasure moments when you visit Malaysia by trying its street foods!